‘The Four Seasons’
Plants to give colour, in the garden, from January to December.
‘White Fever’ aka ‘Top of the ‘drops’
Did you know there are 19 species of snowdrop and over 600+ cultivars?
‘Croconuts’ including Colchicums
Crocus for the garden
‘Meet the ‘bills – cranesbills, storksbills and heronsbills’
When is a Geranium not a Geranium? Geraniums, Erodiums & Pelargoniums.
‘Daisy Paradise – daisies for the garden’
The daisy family has the smallest daisy and the largest sunflower.
‘Buried Treasures’ also ‘Spring Bulbs’ and ‘Autumn Bulbs’
A closer look at bulbs for the garden
‘Small Wonders’
Easy alpines, how and where to grow them.
‘A Year in a Life’
A month by month look at flowers in my garden. Bulbs, alpines and perennials
New for winter 2014
The Ranunculus family – including Buttercups, Clematis, Hellebores, Anemones and Hepaticas.